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A form will soon be available on this page to allow our members and guests to request practical, affirmative prayer treatment.

What is prayer

We at the DuPage Center for Spiritual Living believe in a Source that is good -- and ONLY good -- and that this Source is, was, and always will be.

Thus, we use a form of prayer that is positive and affirmative to recognize the presence of this Source, our connection to it, and knowing that life takes shape based on our use of universal principles.  We end our prayer with an expression of gratitude, and finally, release it to the Action of the Law which always acts on the power of our thoughts and words.

Practical, Affirmative Prayer- A brief explanation

Those who come to Religious Science from other faith traditions often note the difference in the structure and style of prayer.

The easiest way to explain the difference is to show how Religious Science treats using a series of steps that differ from the supplication common in many other faith traditions.

Consider someone who is experiencing unemployment and is seeking a job.

 Traditional Supplicative Prayer
Religious Science Treatment
 Oh God, I come before you begging for your mercy and if it is your will, please help me find a job.  I regret anything I have done that has caused me to fall from grace.  My human failings challenge me and I humbly ask for your forgiveness so that these barriers can be removed and I can support my family.  Amen
I know there is ONE single source, power, and presence that is, was, and always will be.  I choose to call it God, but I know that it is beyond name and form.

I know I was made from this wonderful, perfect Source that is always creating, thus I am one WITH this Source - perfect, whole, and complete, as I am.

In this oneness, I am open to being aware of the never ending possibilities that exist for me to express myself in work.  I know that there is a place where my skills and talents will fit.  I release any expectation that I must have a certain kind of job or position and I am open to recognizing possibilities for generating income in ways I am familiar with, and in new ways I may have never thought about.  I know that this release of expectation allows unlimited possibilities to reveal themselves to me.

I am grateful for the evidence of this prayer and I accept it knowing that everything exists at all times.

I release this prayer into the Action of the Law which has no limitations.

And so it is! 


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